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Mar 04

Cultivating Ambition: Smothering Innovation - Build Your Own Start Up -


Trying to build a new company insides the confines of your existing organization is all but impossible. Many have tried and failed at the same. Constraints are ideal for innovation. Existing rules and barriers are the death of it. Albert Einstein once famously said:

“We can’t solve problems…

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Mar 03

You never know what happens …

Two years ago, a DC United sales manager invites my company to participate in “DC Social Sports” night where all the local sport leagues would tailgate together.  I jumped on the idea because it was a cheap way to throw a party.  Two years later, the “DC Social Sports” event fell apart because only two leagues had enough resources to continue to event.  I was one of them.  And, I continued collaborating with the sales manager to host charity events for DC United.  From there I got a new sponsor.  And as the relationship continued, I was able to host revenue-generating events like Adult Field Day and a 4v4 Men’s Soccer Tournament.  I also got opportunities to host their local kick-off party that no competitor considered before.  And from DC United, I’ll have a blueprint to acquire a better relationship with the Washington Wizards.  Success begets success.

Would I been able to profit from this relationship two years ago? No.  Did I even know this relationship would be profitable?  No.

You never know what happens when you say “yes.”


Minimum Viable Product 


Minimum Viable Product 

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“We’re pleased that according to our research, the customers who saw these responses have reacted favorably. However, there are still many people who haven’t heard our beef quality facts.” —

David Owens - Chief Marketing Officer, Taco Bell

I do not consider myself anti-marketing, but I do find it difficult to imagine uttering the phrase “there are still many people who haven’t heard our beef quality facts” without immediately questioning every personal and professional decision that led up to that moment.

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I vow to never sleep until every person on Earth hears our beef quality facts.

This is terrible. Some marketers think that everyone on the planet should be forced to watch/listen/ingest their dumb advertainmentucational ideas. They should be stopped.

People should seek out your message, your product, your content. You shouldn’t shove it in their face. This is the new way. Get on board.

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Mar 02

“You can’t rely on non-paying customers. The haven’t invested enough to warrant your trust.” — Jack Fan, DC Spotter Organizer

Mar 01

Hang in there!

Hang in there!

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Feb 28

“I fail as often as I succeed. As long as my successes outshine my failures, I’ll be fine.” — Jack Fan, DC Spotter

Feb 27

In a cutthroat world, some Web giants thrive by cooperating -

In a hard-knuckled, free-market economy built on competition, the most successful Internet companies put a high stake in another value: cooperation.

They haven’t lost a step in Wall Street’s cutthroat business culture. And in fact, they may well be transforming ideas of work in America.

Take Google, which gives away much of its most valuable information, yet made $29 billion in revenue last year. Or Facebook, which manages employees through consensus. Or Twitter, which maintains a small-business feel even as its growth has spurred speculation it could raise $10 billion in an initial public stock offering.

The allure of cooperative economics is that it might not just be good for individual businesses but also build industries and even economic communities. Friendly competition is the explanation often given for the unique success of Silicon Valley, the birthplace of Google, Twitter and Facebook.

Feb 26

Cultivating Ambition: Reblog and Win: Your Industry - The Walking Dead -


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“As Facebook crosses 500 million users (it took just five years) and the micro-blogging site Twitter, with it’s 140 character limit becomes a fixture in our communication landscape,…

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Feb 25

Do Groupon Vouchers Ever Expire?


Apparently it depends on your state.

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